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Product Information Management

With our PIM system you manage your products and items simply in one environment.

Commercial web shop

Our eComplete theme can be used as a commercial web shop, customer portal or a hybrid solution for both commercial and private customers.


With Beeldkanaal narrowcasting software, Go4digital offers you the best solution for presenting your information to your customers.

Company information

As Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, we possess years of experience with digitalizing sensitive company information and preserve this in the Microsoft cloud.


API Links

In a digital world where information becomes increasingly more crucial, it’s important that your information arrives at the right place quickly and completely. Prices change every day, rules change, and time is a critical factor to close a deal. We believe that you should be able to offer your information easily, from wherever you are in the world.

Latest news

Automatization: Is it science fiction like Star Trek?

Automatization: Is it science fiction like Star Trek?

At Go4Digital we encounter digitalization every day. And is it just a bunch of science fiction or is it realistic? If I’m being completely honest, sometimes questions that customers ask are far from reality and get labeled as science fiction quickly.

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