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Wie kent het niet, Beam me up, Scotty uit de serie Star Trek. A series that plays in the future, sometimes realistic and sometimes extremely far-fetched from our reality. And the amusement industry allows that; sometimes it’s real and sometimes it’s simply a fantasy.

At Go4Digital we encounter digitalization every day. And is it just a bunch of science fiction or is it realistic? If I’m being completely honest, sometimes questions that customers ask are far from reality and get labeled as science fiction quickly. But the IT-world is moving so quickly that the question you asked yesterday, could be relevant today and turn from science fiction to reality. That’s why we keep a close eye to all developments.

Is automatization a must?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
For one business it is, but for the other it isn’t.

It became clear to me these past few years, that automatization won’t be a success for every company. First of all, it has to be possible within a company to automatize. Thereafter, we look at the culture of the company, to look if automatization is possible. Are the different departments able to fit within the tight structure of the automatization process? Even if only one department doesn’t meet the standards, it will be consequential to the whole automatization process and working becomes nearly impossible. Usually this doesn’t get considered beforehand.

Current times ask everyone in the business sector to innovate, Go4Digital also partakes in that. Every day, our people search through the digital world looking for useable and deployable applications to automatize processes and to speed them up.

The Academy

Like I mentioned earlier, automatization involves way more than just connecting dataflows. That is one of the reasons that we will soon open the new department ‘Academy’ within Go4Digital, the place where we will educate people to understand automatization processes and teach them why certain things have to be done in certain ways. The goal is to make everyone clear what it means to understand and lead the whole process. At the course ‘Automatization’ you won’t learn how to connect things with each other, no we will make sure that you will understand how you have to handle dataflows and how you should manage everything.

Afterward, automatization processes won’t be science fiction to you anymore. I’m sure of it.

Sign up for the course ‘Automatization & Management’ that will take place on June 22nd ,2022.
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Bas Meuwsen

Technical director.