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Late 2020 we welcomed Duramotion as new customer for our Product Information Management system (PIM). A collaboration that emerged from the recommendation of Eric Wils of Yooker who realised Duramotion’s web shop.

Duramotion is thé one-stop-shop specialized in solar energy. You can find everything from small material to ferrules, casing pipes and crimping pliers there. But obviously also solar panels, inverters and fastening systems.

Duramotion supports installers at all levels. They do this by e.g., providing mechanics with refresher trainings or by developing software that allows you to save time on administrative tasks. The technical support team exists of experienced technicians, solar specialists and Scope 12 inspectors. So in case of a complex technical problem as a EPC-er (Engineering Procurement and Constructing) or freelancer, they will guide you until a suiting and substantiated solution has been found.


Product Information Management was a concept Duramotion hadn’t heard of before. And besides that the system had to work together with the new web shop, they also had the wish to deliver and receive information from the 2ba data pool. To sort out the administration, a connection to the software of Exact Online has been realized.

Maurice Theunissen, Marketing and Web shop maintenance at Duramotion:

“In November 2021 I started as marketer and web shop manager by Duramotion. They were already busy building and filling up a web shop. This was done by using the PIM-system that of Go4Digital. The PIM-system makes sure that you can easily add product information. You can do this manually or even partially automatized thanks to the connection to the 2BA.

The system eventually makes sure that you can adding data is simplified, but the integration is kind of tough. There’s a lot to it and because we only had little experience with maintaining a web shop, it took a while. Through this whole process Jeroen Verhoeven helped us very well and showed his patience time after time. Even when he, before I worked for Duramotion, had to speak to someone else every time. Because of their personal approach and fast replies on questions, I would definitely recommend Go4Digital to others.”


During the implementations we conquered several challenges. Processes are different with every business, so we take that into account when realizing the project. Where normally the PIM-system takes the lead for item information so that you only have to work at one place, Duramotion’s employees experienced difficulties with this. They are used to work in Exact Online. At Duramotion’s request we reversed the connection with Exact Online. This way the item information gets created and updated in Exact Online first. After this, the PIM-system processes these changes automatically every day. New products can be created simply through the menu and get enriched with all need information after this.

The complete product and item information can be easily scheduled to release or update it at the web shop. This way in case of price changes you can work ahead instead of having to change them last minute.

With providing the item information the implementation comes to an end slowly, but at Go4Digital we will always be involved with our customers, even after the implementation process. We do this by sharing our knowledge where needed in the company process of Duramotion. This way we create a higher productivity and we reduce the change on mistakes.