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Digitalizing your company information in the right way is extremely crucial. The pressure on saving privacy sensitive information correctly is increasingly becoming more important. Who has access to sensitive information within your company, and who doesn’t? What do you do in case of a data breach?

Microsoft 365

Go4Digital provides you with answers to these questions. As Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, we possess years of experience with digitalizing sensitive company information and preserve this in the Microsoft cloud. With Microsoft 365, Microsoft provides a new way in working with the cloud and gives you multiple ways to save your most important data safely.

GDPR and privacy

The Microsoft Cloud environment provides every tool to work according to the GDPR regulations. The GDPR dashboard helps you to give you a look into which information gets shared inside and outside your organization and we are able to set up rules for sharing of sensitive information. This way we can scan documents that get sent by e-mail to contacts outside of your organization if they contain any sensitive information and then either get blocked or released. This is only a selection of all the possibilities we offer.

Less spam and phishing e-mails

With Microsoft Exchange Online (part of the Microsoft 365 subscription) you insert a powerful e-mail solution that filters and isolates phishing and spam e-mails. This way you exponentially reduce the risk of your employees clicking on rogue links. Outgoing e-mails get protected as well so they can’t get imitated by criminals (Spoofing).


With Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams, we provide powerful software so that your employees can collaborate more effectively. Because people are able to work in a document together, can create teams for projects and are able to start a meeting with only one push on a button, they productivity of your organization will increase. Another benefit on top of that, is that all information always stays stored at one place which allows it to be found easily.


By working on the Microsoft 365 environment with extra e-mail confirmation, back-up solutions and certificates, you and your customers can rely on the security of communication and privacy sensitive information. Go4Digital coaches you from the advice, during the implementation, and after the delivery, because the legislation and regulations keep changing.


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