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We specialize in digitalizing, as well as digitalizing of product and item information. Many companies still use the standard Excel way to maintain product and item information which causes information to get spread over multiple documents and flutter around within your company. Then, if you have to modify something, you have to search through all those documents before finding the right one. Obviously, this creates problems and errors. Besides that, it’s extremely time consuming and honestly impossible to create one unit of your product and item information. A product information management system is often a good solution for this problem.

With our PIM system you manage your products and items simply in one environment, based on the “Single source of truth” principle. Your PIM system takes the lead on your product and item information and makes sure that this information arrives at the right place. This saves you a lot of time and reduces the chances of errors.

Did you know that your PIM system is an excellent base for your eComplete commercial web shop?


Within our PIM system you can insert various descriptions, meta information and specifications in multiple languages. It is possible to then collect this information through our API to display on your website, web shop or on printed matter Or use our standard connection with our eComplete B2B software to fill up your web shop automatically.

Price management

Managing prices is a reappearing challenge. With prices we mean the sales prices you send to your customers, but also the purchase prices you receive from your suppliers. Within our PIM system you manage price modifications easily, e.g., upload a received XML or Excel file, create new sales prices automatically on date or let your system update the prices automatically with standardized price information files from datapools. Make connections with your customers or suppliers. Besides that, it is possible to load your purchasing conditions into the system so you can directly view your new Netto purchasing prices.

Work ahead

With the useful calendar function, you can work ahead with no difficulty. Say goodbye to processing changes last minute because otherwise your ERP system won’t show the right information the next day. Process changes whenever you want and schedule them whenever and wherever you want these changes to be processed.


You connect the PIM system effortlessly to your own software through the integrated API-link, or you use various connections that are already available. Think about connections with Exact, King, WooCommerce and so on. We keep busy with developing new connections. May you miss a connection, get in touch with us.

DAM System

Purchasing a DAM system is not necessary, you manage pictures, documents and specifications within our PIM system. And also for this, you can insert various titles and descriptions of your documents in multiple languages.

Standardized but also free

Go4Digital is adjoined with Ketenstandaard, this means that we utilize several industrial standards for file sharing and classifying (insert technical specifications) your products. For file sharing we utilize the so-called DICO-standard. For classifying products, we utilize the ETIM-standard. Though, it can be that these standards don’t match the standards of your branch, thus we developed our API and with that we offer the possibility to build your own classification system within the PIM.